5 Writing Tips for Fantasy Authors

5. Be creative. There’s more to writing fantasy than being just another Tolkien clone.

4. Be unique. There are dwarfs, elves, fairies and wizards in almost 90% of all fantasies written. But Aes Sedai only exist in the Wheel of Time universe and Koloss only exist in the Mistborn universe. Don’t be afraid to make your own creatures and monsters.

3. Avoid Cliches. The world doesn’t need another story about a wizard who kidnaps a farm boy, inherits a family heirloom, has a magic sword that can do anything, meets a prim and proper princess, fights an army of monsters dressed in black and gray, travels to a cursed dying/dead land and defeats an evil black robbed wizard (or white robed wizard to be ironic) who wants to take over the world. Trust me it’s been done.

2. Read Everyday. Self Explanatory

1. Write Everyday. Self Explanatory.

Sorry for the short update but this has been quite a busy week. Hopefully I’ll have something with a little more meat next week. So see you next week and thanks for reading.


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A Steampunk Author from Los Angeles.
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