Berley’s Favorite Male (Non-Lit) Steampunk Stock Characters

Sorry for the delay but something came up. I have terrible news. According to Sharon, my literary agent, my publisher Mitchell-Morris Publishing has gone under. I’m not exactly sure to the extent of the truth of it but Sharon has never led me wrong before. The punch line is that my novel, Curse Breaker is no longer for sale and now my agent and I are working to get the rights reverted back to me and to find another publisher. How long will this process take? I have no idea. I’m even more in the dark now than I was before. As for my blog, I’ll still continue to post and update but with all that’s going on I’m not certain if I’ll be able to post once a week like before. Too many things need doing and if I’m not careful my life long dream will turn into my worst living nightmare. A published author with no publisher. There’re no words to how angry that makes me.

But enough of that…

So in conclusion, Berley’s Favorite Maile (Non-Lit) Steampunk Stock Characters.

Favorite Male Mechanic: Cid Highwind (Final Fantasy VII)

Cid_Highwind Cid_Advent-Children

Although he’s more of a pilot than a mechanic, he has fixed several things over the years as well as assemble amazing things such as the airship Highwind, a plane and even a rocketship. It was a close race between him and a few other well deserving mechanics but it was Cid’s caring attitude and foul mouth that won me over.

Favorite Male Air Pirate: Captain Alex Row (Last Exile)

Alex_Row_Last_Exile Alex_Row_Last_Exile_02 Silvana_01

At first I expected to hate this guy I thought he would be some Han Solo rip off spewing out cheesy one liners and trying to get the attention of any woman around him. I’m happy to report that is not the case when it comes to Captain Alex Row of the Kill em’ All Silvana. Alex is a cool, composed leader who not only goes into battle calm, he actually goes bored. Thanks to him, his airship and the crew of misfits he commands, the Kill em’ All Silvana certainly lives up to her reputation.

Favorite Male Aristocrat: King Edgar Figaro (Final Fantasy VI)

King_Edgar_Figaro KING_EDGAR_RONI_FIGARO_by_aribuwana

Others may disagree but for my money, there was no contest. This skirt chasing monarch-slash-gear head was one of the reasons I not only fell in love with the Final Fantasy series, but with Steampunk as a whole. An autocrossbow! Only Steampunk allows you to get away with something as ridiculously awesome as that. And Figaro Castle, well that’s an even better form of how awesome Steampunk can be.

Favorite Male Navigator: Pazu (Castle in the Sky)

Pazu_01 Pazu_02

While not a typical navigator in the traditional sense, he does help navigate the main characters the floating city of Laputa. And seeing as how he’s not a real navigator but was still able to lead them to Laputa was impressive enough to make the list.

Favorite Male Inventor: Dr. Emmett Brown (Back to the Future Part 3)

Doc_Brown_01 Doc_Brown_02 Doc_Brown_03

Seven words: Back to the Future Part 3; refrigerator. Or his two sons Jules and Verne.

Favorite Male Pilot: Claus Valca (Last Exile)

Claus_01 Claus_fullbody

This was easy and at the same time hard. I looked at a number of Steampunk pilots of many different things but Claus, the delivery boy-slash-vanship pilot always rises to the top. He’s not only an excellent pilot, he does it for the love of flying. That was something I just couldn’t ignore.

Favorite Male Gunslinger: Captain Alex Row (Last Exile)


The first time Captain Alex Row appears, you’ll know why he earns this title.

Favorite Male Soldier: Major Alex Louis Armstrong (Full Metal Alchemist)

full metal alchemist - 30 Armstrong_02

Anyone who’s ever watched this show read the manga will automatically know why I he’s my favorite. This muscle headed ‘Strong armed Alchemist is not only passionate about being a soldier but is passionate about, well, everything. Especially his proud Armstrong family traditions.


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