Magic System Building 101

Let me start by apologizing for the delay. My tragic news of late has kept me both away and busy and I find myself puttng out more fires than I care to mention. Either way, the dust is beginning to settle, my agent Sharon is still behind me, and now I can slowly but surely move on with my life. So rather than continue to sit and sulk and spend hours upon hours with Ben & Jerry I figured I owed you at least one post. So here it is,

Magic System Building 101

Instructions: Take a pen and paper or open a word document, memorize it, translate it into Ancient Egyptian, who cares, just make certain you can reference it later. Answer all the questions to the best of your ability and good luck with your future writing. And if you enjoy the post and have further suggestions, then by all means leave your thoughts in the comments below. But for now, let us begin. Remember there are no wrong answers, just horrible writers.

Name of your magic system:______________________________________________

hint: (if the name of your magic system is just ‘magic’ you’re really not trying hard enough.

The energy for your magic comes from where? a) the planet   b) the user’s body  c) the gods/god  d) magic potions  e) all of the above  f) other

People in your world worship god or nature because that’s where their magic comes from or where they thing their magic comes from. a) yes   b) no

Can all people in your world use magic? a) yes   b) no

Does your magic needs words to be spoken? a) yes   b) no

What can your magic do? a) control the elements such as fire, water, etc   b) control the weather   c) control specific elements such as metal or wood   d) control animals  e) makes fully made objects appear outta thin air  f) morph your body into something else such as an animal, fire, smoke or even another person g) allows you to morph other people into something else   h) allows you to vanish and reappear  i) allows you to control space and time  j) awaken the dead   k) speak to ghosts   l) duplicate yourself    m) all of the above     n) other          (Mark all that apply)

What are your magic’s limits?  a) words need to be spoken correctly   b) you need a wand or some magic object  c) you need wizard/divine blood flowing through your veins   d) you need wizard/divine blood, period   e) a genie in a bottle   f) pray to the gods/spirits/demons  g) sunlight  e) moonlight   f) fairy dust   g) spirit energy   h) water  i) all of the above (good luck with that)   j) other

Can both men and women use magic? a) yes  b) no

Do men and women use a different kind of magic?  a) yes   b) no

Is magic universal or is unique to whatever nation that happens to have access to it?  a) universal  b) unique

Are there magical laws that work like natural laws or do they have their own laws?               a) natural laws   b) own laws

Do you have to sacrifice to use magic? a) yes  b) no

Is your magic out in the open or kept a secret?  a) out in the open   b) kept a secret

Are magic users a) worshiped  b) hunted  c) both

Can animals use magic? a) yes  b) no

Can plants use magic  a) yes  b) no

Does magic a) grow stronger with age  b) grow weaker with age  c) neither  d) irrelevant

Is a magic a) a recent discovery or   b) has it been practiced for centuries

Is magic  a)  taboo  or   b) so common that a kid can buy a magic amulet at the local bazaar

Is your magic   a) duel (good magic/ evil magic)  b) draws from one source that changes depending on the user

Can magical energy be measured like time, length or body heat?  a) yes  b) no

Answer these questions and you should be able to build a working magic system. SHOULD being the operative word. Hardly a promise or a guarantee. Remember the name of the game is be unique. If your magic system reminds you a lot of another magic system, perhaps you should try building another.

Despite all that is going on I am going to keep updating the blog and hope that this storm passes soon. Hopefully by April I’ll know more or less where my head is at.

See you next week and thanks for reading.


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