YouTube Channels for Sci-Fi/Fantasy Authors


This time, sorry for the looooong delay but yours truly needed to edit his book…again. Since completing Guild Assassin I’ve had 4 editors, FOUR, and each one of them has had a different approach when it came to the book. One focused on spelling and grammar, another on realism, another on removing details, another on adding details and so forth and so one. The story is soooo much different than what I originally outlined 4 years ago. Hopefully my current editor for Guild Assassin will be my last editor, that way I can finally move on to editing book two.

I’ve learned a lot from my current editor. He’s challenged me in ways that has forced me to stretch my writing muscles and has hopefully resulted in a better, richer and story. While I do have lessons on book editing, that is another blog for another time. Right now, after months of locking myself in a dark hole in order to edit Guild Assassin, I believe it’s time for something fun and admittedly, easy to post. So for you aspiring science fiction and fantasy authors out there allow me the pleasure of introducing:
YouTube Channels for Sci-Fi/Fantasy Authors


Presumably you’re reading this blog in English, my native tongue and the subject I happen to have a Bachelor’s Degree in. So what better place to start than the History of English in 10 minutes. I always laugh, and sometimes cry, when I read a story that takes place in the past, particularly in the Middle Ages and the characters are using words that weren’t even added to English yet. The link should help clear that up. And while you’re there, check out the rest of OUlearn where you will learn things about history, economics and a slew of other interesting topics for those of you who want to get the science and/or history down when it comes to their writing.


Ever watched or read Game of Thrones? Ever wanted to know how real monarchical succession takes place? The link above will give you a crash course in British Succession. CGP Grey has wonderfully informative and entertaining videos about a wide range of topics such as How to become Pope, or How many countries does the world have or Historical Misconceptions or how voting works in different countries in the world and so forth and so on. Learning about royal succession alone is enough to subscribe to this YouTube channel.

CHANNEL: Crash Course

Speaking of Crash Course, when researching my own book I needed to learn the events of human history. I did break out my old high school history book and I did read articles online, but the information didn’t really sink in until I started watching Crash Course World History. While I’m a firm believer that real research complete with REAL reading is still needed its nice to be able to get an overall view of history not only to see where things originated, but to see where points in history overlap. And speaking of overlapping history that brings me to…

CHANNELS: Vsauce, Vsauce2 & Vsauce3

Did you know that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Anne Frank were both born in 1929? Do you ever wonder what it’s like to jump into a black hole? What if every man woman and child on Earth lived within the population density of New York, how big would city need to be? Or better yet, what if all humans on Earth stood shoulder to shoulder and jumped at once? If you’re curious about things that conventional research can’t give you then Vsause is for you.
Vsause2 introduces you mind blowing inventions like a pair of Minority Report style googles or a gravity powered lamp and so many things taken straight out of science fiction which are now science fact.
And while Vsauce 1 & 2 gives you the mind blowing info geeks like me crave, Vsauce3 introduces new ways to find more cool things through App All Knight and DONG (Do Online Now Guys) It was through Vsauce3 that I now have my favorite App, Duolingo. If Rosetta Stone is too pricey and inconvenient, Duolingo is free and its a smartphone App that (hopefully) fits in your pocket. Warning: These channels will blow your mind.

CHANNEL: Scishow

Ever wonder about the history of the battery? This wondrous invention has been around a lot longer than most people think and I learned that from Scishow with William Hank Green whom just goes by the name Hank. He also posts vids that give the latest science updates including the Keppler satellite’s hunt for extra solar planets and the Martian rover Curiosity’s progress on the red planet. If you need a crash course in modern scientific discoveries, Scishow is the channel for you.


This channel teaches many things, including social science. My current favorite is this video on Conlangs or constructed languages such as Tolkien’s elvish or Rodenberry’s Klingon or Cameron’s Na’vi languages used by, who else, fans. Check them out for some really cool info that can’t quite fit into ant particular category.

CHANNEL: Mental Floss

Like lists? You must, you’re reading one! Metal Floss, hosted by Hank’s older brother John Green, gives lists on very interesting topics from holidays to movies to grammar. Like most things John and Hank teaches, you learn a lot in a little amount of time.

CHANNEL: Scientific American

Do you want, current, up to the minute discoveries in space like extra solar planets, old stars and galaxies and where water and possibly life was on Mars? Then this channel will give you all the latest information from Sofie Bushwick’s The Countdown to a segment where real scientists answer cool questions about space and science in general.

CHANNEL: Head Squeeze

What are parallel universes? How do radars work? You know the history now discover the science behind it.

CHANNEL: Minute Physics & Minute Earth

How does the world work? That’s the question Minute Physics and Minute Earth tries to answer. Questions such as why the sky is blue to the tides to parallel universes are just the tip of the iceberg of knowledge this channel teaches with its 1-2 minute videos.

CHANNEL: All time 10’s

Again, more lists, except this takes out most of the boring info and gives you ten of the most interesting info about any given subject. Ever wonder wanted to know where the middle finger gesture comes from? Watch and find out.


From how to be more productive to your brain on booze to you bladder on coffee, this channel explains the most basic things we tend to take for granted. It’s fun and you’ll be surprised by how much you’ll learn in such a short time.

While there are other YouTube channels I’m subscribed to, I think what I’ve posted is more than enough for you to go on. Thanks so much for your support and your kind comments. I’ll keep you all posted on Guild Master’s progress and hopefully you might own a copy of your own in a few months. With all the major edits finished (I hope) I can go back to posting once a week.

Take care, enjoy the videos and as Michael, Kevin and Jake from Vsauce 1,2 &3 would say, “Thanks for watching.” 😉


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