Curse Breaker Series

Book 1 – Curse Breaker: Guild Assassin

“I was born into a world of wealth and privilege, only to end up in a world of violence and secrets.”

In an alternate universe where airships roam the Inlands and air pirates rule the Outlands, Wendy Braca’s world of parties, piano lessons and private tutors comes to a crashing halt when she finds her mother’s bloody remains in the main hall of her mansion. After being accused of murder, spending four long years in an insane asylum and surviving an attack by a group of mysterious assailants, Wendy is adopted into an assassin’s guild lead by a man named Robert King. Robert tells her that she’s a Mage; a secret race of humans born with enhanced strength, speed, all five senses stronger and keener than that of normal humans, as well as the gift of matter manipulation a.k.a. magic. Under the guild’s tutelage she learns to fight, to spy, to kill, to adapt and most importantly, to control and master her powers as a Mage. After years of spying, fighting and assassinating for a cause she’s not all that certain about, Wendy eventually comes to a crossroads where she must decide to either continue on the dangerous path she’s used to, or live the life she wants to.

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