Inspirational Writer’s Quotes for May 2014

Hello friends and followers. Once again, sorry for the delay but with things slowly moving along with CBGA (Curse Breaker: Guild Assassin) there isn’t much to report other than the editing is finally finished and now comes more weeks of waiting for the next step, whatever that might be. I always laugh whenever I hear stories of authors finishing the rough draft of their first novel one minute and becoming a bestseller the next, as if this process happens overnight. There is nothing further from the truth. To put it in perspective, I finished the rough draft for Guild Assassin in 2008. I signed with Sharon, my agent in 2010. Had it not been for a certain *ahem* “setback” with a certain publisher, Guild Assassin would already be (or still) on sale. Oh well. Ce la vis. You swallow the setbacks and continue putting one word in front of the other.

Were I a weaker and less desperate man I might’ve given up after the setback but I picked myself up and moved on. It was the only thing I could do. While many factors contributed to me never giving up, if there is one place I know I can continue being inspired to write long after my will power is depleted, its other writers. If anyone can understand my frustrations it’s them. And while I can come up with ten, clever, Oscar Wilde-ish quotes, I believe the writers, even those who choose to remain anonymous can tell you better than I so here are:
Inspirational Writer’s Quotes for May 2014:











I hope these words of wisdom helps you as much as they’ve helped me. When I find more, I’ll post more. It’ll be nice to get back to posting regularly again. I will keep you posted on any latest news on Guild Assassin. If all goes well I’ll be changing my Sample Chapters some time in the very near future. Take care and happy writing and reading.


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